Welcome to official site of Bunbukan Brussels

The Bunbukan Brussels, teaches Japanese Martial Arts since 1977 and is part of the Budo Club Berchem

Budo Club Berchem consists of 5 sections

Aikido, Judo, Ju-Jutsu and the Shito Ryu and Ryukyu Kobudo

The club is recognized by the official sports federations : a.o.

  • voor Karate : VKF - Vlaamse Karate Federatie and USRE - Union Shito Ryu Europe
  • voor Ryukyu Kobudo : Okinawa Tradional Kobudo Preservation Association in Naha - Okinawa/Japan

and by the village council of Berchem-St- Agathe, where the club is represented in the Sports Council.


Shuri Castle Gate (Naha - Okinawa)