The training normally takes place in a dojo (lit. "the place where one practices the way"):

It is a humble, respectful and quiet place that is tidy and clean.

An atmosphere of courtesy and respect is essential to cultivate an adequate spirit.

The Karate classes are organized twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Ryukyu Kobudo class on Monday.

Training can start as from age 14.


Monday       :    20H00 - 21H00 (Ryukyu Kobudo)

Wednesday  :    18H30 - 20H00 (Karate).

Friday          :    7 pm - 8.30 pm (Karate)



Agrandir le plan

The Bunbukan Brussels dojo is located in the Berchem Sainte-Agathe municipal sports complex.

Access is easy, parking available.

To determine the Itinerary by public transport, click here : STIB.


Rue des Chalets, 1

1082 Brussels