In the 17th century, during the occupation of Okinawa by the Samurai clan of the Tsatsuma and subsequently under the reign of several kings, the wearing of sharp blades (Katanas, tantos, swords, and others) was prohibited on the island.

During this troubled period, the Okinawa people developed various combat techniques based on everyday objects, including tools for working in the fields.

Over the years, these techniques have been used less and less and have therefore not been taught.

In order to avoid that this knowledge would be lost for future generations, at the end of the 19th century, Master Taira Shinken took the initiative to assemble techniques of all Masters inside and outside Okinawa into one single school.

Master Nakamoto Masahiro, a pupil of Master Taira Shinken, subsequently founded the "Okinawa association for the preservation of the traditional Kobudo". Master Nakamoto Masahiro, 10th Dan (Hanshin) descendant by marriage of Master Matsumura Sokun (founder of Shorin Ryu) is the current president. In 2013, he was elevated to the rank of 'living cultural treasure' for his knowledge of the traditional martial arts of Okinawa.

Alain Berckmans met Master Nakamoto during his first trip to Okinawa in 2001 and is since then being taught by Master Nakamoto.

Alain Berckmans is the only westerner who has obtained the rank of Master in the school. In this capacity, he has been responsible for the management of the Bunbukan school for all of Europe and Canada.

In the school, different weapons are worked and complete the 'bare hand'-techniques.

The weapons worked are: Bo - Sai - Nunchaku - Tomfa - Tekko - Kama - Timbe - Eku - Surushin.

Sensei Nakamoto with Alain

New Year 2014

Sensei Masahiro Nakamoto and his son Sensei Mamoru Nakamoto, seminar at Bunbukan Brussels (March 25, 2013)